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Banks, trading firms and exchanges worldwide rely on Anova Financial Networks to deliver secure and reliable connectivity solutions and market data.

Anova operates best-in-class fiber networks with a historical uptime of 99.999%. We provide connectivity to major exchanges in North America and to all U.S. metro areas. Anova’s international fiber footprint extends to key financial markets across Europe and Asia.

Our growing network is anchored by first-rate fiber and wireless assets. All Anova metro routes are wireless bandwidth and fiber bandwidth, with the exception of Australia, which is wireless only. All international long haul routes are fiber bandwidth.

Anova delivers high availability market data via proprietary hybrid laser radios. Our network operates at near 100% availability through all inclement weather with zero packet loss. This vital service increases worldwide price transparency and market efficiency.

With roots as a technology company, Anova developed a suite of proprietary products. Celeras LTS enables fiber-like availability at wireless speed in any weather. Celeras Relay optimizes Layer 1 for latency, delivering fair bandwidth across all customers.

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Anova’s deep business lines include interconnections to nearly all of the leading financial centers spanning the U.S., Europe and Asia. In conjunction with its bandwidth product, Anova also distributes low latency, real-time exchange data to all of its international Points of Presence (POPs).

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Anova Financial Networks is the only global carrier that offers wireless and fiber connectivity as well as market data distribution across all asset classes. We deliver the lowest latency networks and exchange feeds to the electronic trading sector over fiber and our proprietary wireless transport system.

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By being on the cutting edge of advancements in wireless and fiber connectivity for the financial sector, we have plenty of news to share.

Global Reach, Client-Focused

Anova is a global carrier serving the financial industry with a client-first focus founded on a track record of technological innovation. Anova’s international presence, proven connectivity options and market data distribution capabilities benefit organizations seeking a competitive advantage and an immediate, positive impact on their bottom line.

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