CHICAGO — May 17, 2023 —  Anova Financial Networks, an international carrier and market data provider, announces today that it has successfully tested a capacity upgrade to 25Gbps over its proprietary Celeras LTS platform.  

Previously, Anova’s already industry-leading wireless backbone was operating at a robust 10Gbps, but increasing market data feed sizes, the desire to serve additional asset classes and significant customer interest in “fiber-like” capacity over the air caused Anova’s engineering team to design a backbone that can transport more than double the current levels of traffic. Competitive financial wireless networks currently are capped at 7Gbps, making Anova’s new system 3.5 times more capable of transmitting the world’s real-time financial information.  

The test was conducted between live sites in the New Jersey region, with a link distance of five kilometers. This also makes Celeras the longest distance free space optical (“FSO”) system in existence.  Other FSO providers claim to have achieved 25Gbps but cannot convey data more than 1KM. Longer distance transmission also allows Anova to utilize a larger pantheon of sites and minimize the number of hops – both critical when constructing straightest-path point-to-point networks.  

The link was verified by running an RFC 2544, the industry-standard service activation test for single-service Ethernet and IP. The test measures key performance indicators such as throughput, latency, packet jitter, frame loss, and committed burst size. All test criteria passed, including matching the latency of the current Celeras 10Gbps platform and performing at bit error rate levels that will allow for immediate deployment in Anova’s current footprint and also within new initiatives that require substantive backbone capacity.

“At Anova, R&D is paramount and we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries to bring cutting-edge solutions and products to the marketplace,” said Mike Persico, Founder and CEO of Anova Financial Networks. “We see a multitude of opportunities with this advancement. The transport of raw options feeds, for example, has always been off-limits to wireless providers due to their massive size.  Not anymore. Connecting the subsea cable landing stations to inland exchanges was significantly more interesting. And of course, the ability to give a customer a full 10Gbps wireless circuit for dedicated use is very exciting.”

Given the narrow beam width of the laser, which in turn allows for inherent self-interference protection, Anova will be able to deploy multiple 25Gbps systems on the same path, yielding a massive 50Gbps to 100Gpbs of capacity per route.  

Kieran Athy, CTO of Anova Financial Networks explains “The development and engineering team has continued to evolve their knowledge and impress with this 25Gbps FSO field-deployed trial. This technology upgrade supports our never-ending pursuit of latency reduction, microburst protection, and strategy optimization. We aim to further advance this technology and exceed 25Gbps FSO.”  

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