Anova Activates Additional Channel Linking CME, Secaucus and Carteret Trading Hubs 

CHICAGO — July 30, 2020 —  Anova Financial Networks, an international carrier and market data provider, announced today that it has turned up a second channel from Aurora, IL to Secaucus, NJ and Carteret, NJ. The channel is tested and is ready for service, providing customers affordable wireless connectivity and expanded market data offerings between these critical financial points. The additional capacity was constructed due to increasingly high demand of Anova’s existing network.

Financial firms can leverage this supplementary bandwidth through private, dedicated circuits or via a basket of symbols across the most liquid asset classes. Both products are provisioned on Anova’s highly available microwave backbone, with market data being normalized at the source through a hardware-based FPGA platform.

“Chicago to New Jersey connectivity continues to be the utmost importance for Anova,” said Mike Persico, CEO and Founder of Anova Financial Networks. “We believe that affordable and reliable CME data is a central mission of Anova, which in turn, can be invaluable across the entire range of customers and regions.”

In addition, Anova has recently made significant enhancements to its channel from 2905 Diehl Rd in Aurora, IL to 350 Cermak in Chicago, IL. Also, a critical inter-exchange corridor for commodities such as natural gas and crude oil, the service now boasts a one-way latency of 177µS, which is an improvement of almost 2µS. The network, which is competitively priced with flexible terms, is available to all customers.

“Anova prides itself on improvement. Our goal is to listen to customer feedback every step of the way, then implement enhancements that provide the highest benefit to the largest number of clients,” commented Joe Hilt, Vice President of Anova Financial Networks. “We’re pleased with this recent service, latency and capacity augmentation on two critical paths and further, we envision continued betterment to virtually all of the channels as we operate them.”

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