LTS stands for Laser Transport System, signaling the company’s direction to further its Free Space Optical capabilities

July 11th, 2017 – New York/Chicago/London – Anova Technologies, a global provider of wireless and fiber exchange connectivity, is pleased to announce the rebranding of its proprietary radio platform. The technology will now live under the Celeras product family name, which also encompasses Anova’s other in-house hardware, such as the Relay.
“It was important for us to give the market a clear road map as to where we are taking this product. And the LTS moniker certainly accomplishes that – laser transport is our point of emphasis going forward. The benefits are significant and numerous: We can transmit interference-free, we can reduce the overall latency of the unit and most importantly, we can scale the bandwidth to 10Gbps, 20Gbps and even 40Gbps much easier than if we kept the millimeter wave spectrum in the transmission profile. While we see a continuing market for the original dual spectrum/high availability systems, and we’ll continue to deploy those as applicable, our long distance FSO/laser-only systems definitely are the wave of the future”, stated Mike Persico, founder and CEO of Anova Technologies.

Anova acquired the right to use this technology and its associated patents last year from its hardware partner and development on the 10Gbps FSO-only system is currently underway at its research and manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA.

“Over the eighteen months, we were intently focused on leveraging and transitioning the infrastructure specifically for our low latency applications. When you inherit a state machine as complex as this, we needed to make sure we could support all of the nuances and instances that crop up during operation. And we’ve solved for that – our break/fix and firmware/software support is truly up to industry standards. We also have been selectively hiring with this high capacity 10Gbps service offering in mind. To that end, we now have quite a few of our best resources dedicated to this exciting project – one that will keep Anova at the forefront of wireless connectivity”, explained Kieran Athy, CTO of Anova Technologies.
About Anova Technologies

Anova Technologies is the preeminent provider and innovator in transport and hardware to the electronic trading space. Since its inception in 2009, Anova has pioneered the deployment methodology for millimeter wave point-to-point networks, is the sole provider of long-distance hybrid lasercom connectivity, patented and deployed endpoint termination devices and been honored with multiple awards and media coverage. Firms of all types and sizes rely on Anova’s networks to deliver ultra-low latency, near perfect availability, and scalable capacity.

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