Celeras LTS (Laser Transport System)

Celaras LTS, or Laser Transport System, offers the ultimate combination of speed, capacity, and availability.  It was originally developed in conjunction with the Department of Defense for use in radio communications between jets flying at mach speeds. 

Celeras LTS simulcasts data across millimeter wave (MMW) and laser frequencies, while Dynamic Packet Resourcing (DPR) selects the best packet in real-time to enable almost 100% fiber-like availability at wireless speed in all weather. The laser transport and MMW have mutually exclusive offsetting properties so the weather that causes the MMW to fade does not affect the laser and vice versa – enabling radios to transmit 2Gbs of throughput in all meteorological conditions.  

Why Celeras LTS?

Celeras LTS offers overall latency reduction and interference-free transmission, regardless of weather conditions. Unlike other laser transport systems, it can also compensate for up to ±3° of twist and sway, allowing Anova to deploy these radios on non-conventional structures and take advantage of towers at heights where other radios cannot. 

Ultra Low Latency

When deployed across Anova’s FCC-registered shortpath routes, Celeras LTS delivers unprecedented speed to financial services organizations. The radio itself minimizes propagation and node switching delays, with a non-buffering layer 1 packet technology.

Expeditious Deployment

Celeras LTS utilizes automated precision link alignment. The Point-Acquire-Track (PAT) process takes minutes to lock onto the exact center of the main lobe, minimizing installation costs and guaranteeing maximum performance. This advantage, along with Anova’s proprietary pathing software, expedites link deployment once sites have been identified.  

Global Reach, Client-Focused

Anova is a global carrier serving the financial industry with a client-first focus founded on a track record of technological innovation. Anova’s international presence, proven connectivity options and market data distribution capabilities benefit financial services organizations seeking a competitive advantage through speed and an immediate, positive impact on their bottom line.