Though Anova has grown far beyond fiber alone – developing hybrid wireless networks and further honing our exclusive product suite – we’ve continued to invest in our terrestrial backbone. Over the years, we’ve built and commercialized custom fiber into the CME data center in Aurora and the NASDAQ data center in Carteret. We have developed custom fiber in Asia as well as proprietary, ultra low latency 40 Gbps lit fiber services at all major exchanges in North America. We’ve also designed, engineered and deployed private global WANs for our customers.

Today, we’re proud to offer some of the lowest latency fiber connectivity on the market, but our network is not only fast; it has also been developed with availability, capacity and cost in mind.

Our global fiber footprint includes long haul and metro fiber – both dark and lit – with a historical uptime of 99.999%. Overall, we focus on connecting the financial ecosystem with ultra-low latency, superior availability and shortest path routes powered by patented technology. We provide connectivity to major exchanges in North America, all U.S. metro areas and key financial markets across Europe and Asia.

Global Reach, Client-Focused

Anova is a global carrier serving the financial industry with a client-first focus founded on a track record of technological innovation. Anova’s international presence, proven connectivity options and market data distribution capabilities benefit organizations seeking a competitive advantage and an immediate, positive impact on their bottom line.