Looking for the lowest latency market data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) to New Jersey? Leverage Anova Financial Networks’ new MicroFeed solution. 

MicroFeed optimizes market data speed and volume, offering a latency of well below 4 milliseconds during the entire trading cycle – even during market peak times.   

Here’s what else Anova’s new MicroFeed solution offers:

  • Lowest latency CME market data to the NJ Equity Triangle
    • Latency as measured is inclusive of all equipment (Glink feed to client port)
    • Commercially-fastest solution (even after competitive provider’s recent reduction) to NY4, NY2, NY5, NY11 and Mahwah
  • Normalized symbol set that includes ES, ZN, CL and others
  • Robust 10G wire format with easy-to-code-to specification (two dev days max)
  • Short-term contracts
  • Market pricing with early adopter and small company discounts

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