Anova’s patented Self-Healing product (USPTO 8,964,739) is designed to deliver any wireless packets that are dropped due to weather or over-subscription of bandwidth, via a fiber network. The process is seamless for users, with all sent packets arriving in the proper sequence order, without any need for interaction or inefficient failover. 

Self-Healing is ideal for financial markets participants that require 100% order execution or market data distribution coupled with unprecedented speed, regardless of weather conditions. 

Anova’s Self-Healing prevents any packets from being dropped or lost, permitting seamless trading regardless of any transmission issues and enabling the system to function without engaging a full failover protocol. Most data loss happens on the individual packet level, which can erode trading opportunities and profitability. Anova’s Self-Healing prevents this all-too-frequent occurrence from happening and is critical for financial networks.

Since first being released to the market in early 2017, Self-Healing has quickly gained popularity, and become one of Anova’s most requested offerings.

Global Reach, Client-Focused

Anova is a global carrier serving the financial industry with a client-first focus founded on a track record of technological innovation. Anova’s international presence, proven connectivity options and market data distribution capabilities benefit financial services organizations seeking a competitive advantage through speed and an immediate, positive impact on their bottom line.