At Anova Financial Networks, we know how unpredictable and difficult 2020 was. As we welcome the New Year, we’re taking the time to reflect on last year’s news and highlights, as well as provide our 2021 outlook. We hope that the New Year brings new hope, and we thank you for your continued partnership and support!

While continuing to maintain a safe environment for our employees throughout the pandemic, our goals to be the leading global carrier to offer wireless and fiber connectivity, as well as a provider of critical wireless market data to financial firms of all sizes, never wavered.

In 2020, we strengthened our network by turning up a second channel between Aurora and the New Jersey Equity Triangle. This channel now provides customers affordable wireless connectivity and expanded market data offerings between the critical financial points of Aurora, IL to Secaucus, NJ and Carteret, NJ. This additional capacity was constructed due to the increasingly high demand for Anova’s existing network.

“Chicago to New Jersey connectivity continues to be of utmost importance for Anova,” said Mike Persico, Anova’s CEO and Founder. “We believe that affordable and reliable  data is a central mission of Anova, which in turn, can be invaluable across the entire range of customers and regions.”

In the fall, we had the opportunity to speak with JSA TV to discuss this recent turn-up as well as where we see the future of Anova heading as we continue to grow.

Our CEO also spoke on a financial industry roundtable, The State of Financial Networks, which centered around the security of our global financial networks during the global pandemic. The discussion focused on the current state of our network security for global banking and investments and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

As we got closer to the year-end, we had the pleasure of hosting a financial knockout discussion with former NHL hockey player, Dave “The Hammer” Schultz. Our CEO and Dave discussed motivation, pivoting and success in their respective industries. If you didn’t catch this one live, view it here.

At the end of 2020, we spoke with the Wall Street Journal on the use of hollow-core fiber among high-frequency traders to push information as fast as possible.

Since Anova’s inception, our company has distinguished itself by innovating products and services that widen the playing field and engage the greatest number of financial industry participants.

So, what’s next? Stay tuned for more news and developments regarding Anova’s Free Space Optics (FSO) initiatives and another special interview featuring a member of the NFL. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news.