Anova’s platform is the Only Ultra Low Latency Wireless Service with Fiber-like Availability

NEW YORK & CHICAGO & LONDON–Anova Technologies announces its hybrid laser Market Data offering is live and operational between the Carteret and Secaucus, New Jersey, data centers that house the matching engines of NASDAQ and BATS/Direct Edge. NASDAQ TotalVIew ITCH & BX, BATS BZY & BZX and DirectEdge EdgeA & EdgeX are now available as discrete feeds on the world’s first and only dual spectrum wireless network. Customers can also pair the market data with order execution bandwidth.

Wireless market data of this caliber was previously available only to a handful of top firms at a premium cost. However, the capacity provided by this groundbreaking technology allows for Anova to offer market data feeds at an industry-leading 94.5µs one-way latency and three-nines+ (99.9%+) availability to all firms and across all budgets.

“While many providers talk democratization of access, the reality is to date, many end users haven’t been able to reconcile the cost to value equation when it comes to wireless offerings,” stated Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies. “Our aim is to change that. Our wireless market data and connectivity has tiers for every size of firm, is the fastest and due to the high availability, is up all the time so you’ll never lose your book. That is truly leveling the playing field – best in class service that is accessible to everyone.”

Powered by the AOptix ULL3000, Anova’s networks are resistant to all varieties of inclement weather conditions (rain, fog, snow), through a myriad of patented technologies that allow for the simulcast of data over dual spectrums, each with mutually exclusive attenuation properties. Translation – the weather conditions that one frequency dislikes, the other is impervious to and vice versa. Data is also checked for errors at the byte level, allowing for an exponential gain in bit error rates, as a single packet conceivably could have bytes in it from both transport mediums.

“No one is doing what we are today. Some people are trying to improve latency, some capacity, not too many are looking at availability. The fact is, we’re focused on improving all three variables to the absolute limits of physics,” continued Michael Persico. “Ultimately, we believe the vast majority of the U.S. equities and futures market data traffic will be transported on Anova’s networks, by virtue of fact that people ultimately don’t want to miss a single price quote. And it’s our system that provides that level of robustness.”

In addition to offering NASDAQ and BATS feeds, other major market data feeds such as CME and ICE are also available.

This service is not in conjunction or affiliation with any of the aforementioned exchanges, it is exclusively an Anova stand-alone product.

About Anova Technologies

Anova Technologies is the preeminent provider and innovator in layer one transport and hardware to the electronic trading space. Since its inception in 2009, Anova has pioneered the deployment methodology for millimeter wave point-to-point networks, launched hybrid laser/millimeter wave connectivity, patented and deployed custom endpoint termination devices and been honored with multiple awards and media coverage. Firms of all types and sizes rely on Anova’s networks to deliver ultra-low latency, near perfect availability, and scalable capacity.