We build, own and operate the world’s only and lowest latency dual wireless spectrum network, purpose built for electronic trading. With the help of our patented product suite, we deliver ultra-low latency with near 100% availability. We also own and operate single spectrum long haul and metro wireless networks in both established and emerging markets, focusing on low latency, high availability connections between major financial data centers.

Depending on which solution is best suited to the path we’re building, Anova uses a variety of technology, including millimeter, microwave and our proprietary hybrid laser. This flexibility is also present in our wireless terms and pricing, with capacity options starting as low as 1Mbps. Plus, we have the ability and expertise to create bespoke builds to endpoints of our customers’ choosing.

In the U.S., we own wireless assets connecting all of the major macro asset classes: equities in New Jersey, futures in Chicago and events out of D.C. Our New Jersey connectivity triangle is operating at 10Gbps currently, and we’re quickly moving that backbone to 40Gbps, which is truly fiber-like capacity over the air. Although we’re focused on speed, availability is also top of mind. We can guarantee full packet delivery through our patented Self-Healing service that fails over any wireless network to our fiber networks.

Global Reach, Client-Focused

Anova is a global carrier serving the financial industry with a client-first focus founded on a track record of technological innovation. Anova’s international presence, proven connectivity options and market data distribution capabilities benefit financial services organizations seeking a competitive advantage through speed and an immediate, positive impact on their bottom line.